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The International Union for the Conservation of Nature said of CREA in May 2010:

".. my complete impression after the visit is that if I were the donor I would be so happy with the results. Although CREA is an small NGO they are doing a great job...."

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Rainforests "I Adopted an Acre of Rainforests in the name of my mother - it was the perfect gift." Rainforests

Rainforests of the Cocobolo Nature Reserve

Cocobolo Nature Reserve covers over 1100 acres of primary and secondary lowland rainforest and harbors endangered wildlife such as ocelots, margays, great curassows and harlequin frogs to name a few. Within the reserve are important headwaters of the Mamoni river.
The reserve is located at the narrowest stretch of Mesoamerica, and thus represents a vital piece of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor, an ambitious project that aims to preserve a network of conservation regions extending from Mexico to Colombia.
Conservation Successes

Here are some photos of just some of the endangered species that we have seen at Cocobolo Nature Reserve, taken with our infra red cameras located in the forest.

This Puma was seen in April 2010 in an area that was cattle pasture less than 10 years ago, but is now protected within Cocobolo Nature Reserve

This Ocelot was captured by our cameras in April 2010 on a main trail in pure daylight. Ocelots are usually nocturnal since people hunt them. Ocelots of Cocobolo however obviously feel protected

This flock of Great Curassows photographed in May 2010 numbered over 7 birds and stayed within camera shot for 1 hour. Cocobolo Nature Reserve has a good population of this endangered bird that has been hunted to extinction in other regions.

This Tayra photo was taken in 2008. Tayras are of the mustelid or weasel family but are one of the larger members of the group. Although common this is the only photo yet taken of one of these animals.


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